Concepts Services

  • Consultancy advice on special projects & emergency exercises
  • Design & manufacture of special builds
  • Hire of experienced operators for exercises & installations
  • UK based servicing, repairs & maintenance 
  • Smoke generator maintenance courses
  • Technical after sales assistance 

Consultancy advice on special project & emergency exercises

When it comes to consultancy & advice Concept Smoke Systems offer a second to none service. With almost 50 years experience in design & manufacture of artificial smoke generating equipment, we believe we are in an unrivaled position to offer the best advice possible.  We have been involved in many design and build projects including: 

  • Multi-million pound aircraft simulation
  • Security Smoke Systems
  • Anti-terrorist Smoke Systems 
  • Hot Fire Smoke Systems 
  • Smoke Houses for BA (Breathing Apparatus), evacuation training etc
  • Maritime Training Academy's (HMS Excellent, HMS Raleigh, Warsash Maritime College)
  • PIV and LDA wind tunnel applications / rakes
  • Urban Search and Rescue smouldering rubble piles

If you have any technical building drawings / plans, send them to us and we will be happy to assist 

Design & Manufacture of special builds

We appreciate that every single application is different and some projects may have unique requirements.  If our standard range of smoke generators don't quite meet your requirements please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Hire of experienced operators

Some applications are quite specialized & may require the assistance of one of our experienced operators.  We frequently "hire" operators to give assistance and advice to ensure that whichever smoke generator is used, it performs to the best of it's ability.  Our operators have been involved in the following tunnel emergency exercise / ventilation tests and more: 

  • Holmesdale Tunnel
  • Conwy Tunnel 
  • Hatfield Tunnel 
  • Hinhead Tunnel
  • Dartford Tunnel
  • Channel Tunnel

If you would like more information about hiring an experienced operator please contact us. 

Concept's servicing, repairs & maintenance / after sales assistance

Concept are the only manufacturer of smoke generating equipment that offer a lifetime heater block warranty on top of a class leading parts warranty.  We provide a comprehensive repair, servicing and maintenance facility here at our factory in Maidenhead.  We still carry out periodic servicing on machines that were made 40 years ago!  

With Concept's mains driven smoke generators we also offer a free servicing and maintenance course, which are available upon request.  We will teach you how to maintain your smoke generator to get the best out of it in terms of both performance and reliability.

Recent feedback from our maintenance course:

"Concept offer a fantastic after sales service whether it be maintenance courses or queries. Fully satisfied.  With my experience of dealing with Concept I find it difficult to see where improvements can be made as I feel 100% satisfied with the product, information and answers to any queries" 

For more information or availability on these courses please contact us. 



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Bekonscot - Managing Director

For several years we went through numerous smoke generators to simulate a "burning building", an important feature in our presentation.  Although the effect produced was good, the reliability, servicing and running costs of the system were always a headache, with smoke machines sometimes lasting a few weeks before they failed.

In June 2000, on recommendation, we contacted Concept Smoke Systems regarding the smoke installation.  A ViCount system was installed and commissioned later that year and has been operating without failure ever since!! Smoke chemical consumption has fallen dramatically, serviceability has been 100% and the effect is as impressive as ever.  Minimising issues relating to maintenance, and maximising reliability has given all of our visitors (some 200,000 per year) the benefit of seeing the smoke effect.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend these systems to other users who need reliable and cost-effective smoke!