With almost 50 years’ of experience in the use of artificial smoke and a wide range of systems to chose from, we are in an unrivalled position to supply the equipment and advice best suited for your application.

Examples of some of the applications for which our products are used are detailed below. If your application doesn’t appear—don’t worry—we have almost certainly come across similar uses and we’ll be pleased to share our experiences and recommendations with you.

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Maritime Shipboard Fire Training

A fire at sea can be devastating.  Ensuring that crews are trained in safe but highly realistic conditions can help them tackle ... more »

LEV Testing, Spray Booth Clearance Testing & Air Tracing

  For many years, materials containing isocyanate have been the single biggest cause of occupational asthma in the UK. Vehicle ... more »

Leak Testing & Building Envelope Testing

Smoke is the perfect medium for discovering where leaks are and how big they are! Filling a 'leaky' building, ductwork, pipes, aircraft ... more »

Hot Fire Training

Concept's ViCount smoke generators are installed throughout the world in quality hot fire training centres - providing the most realistic ... more »

Fire Training, Emergency Evacuation & BA Training

Concept's smoke machines, with their class leading particle size and persistency, are ideally suited to creating realistic dense ... more »

Wind Tunnel Studies

For producing a point source of smoke in a wind tunnel environment, Concept have the Aerotech smoke system, with a heated tip on ... more »

Building Envelope, Energy Studies & Air Tightness Testing

The air tightness or leakage rate of a building is the uncontrolled flow of air through holes, gaps and cracks in the fabric of a ... more »

Professional Security Smoke Systems from Smoke Screen

About Concept Smoke Screen  In 1993 Concept launched the highly successful 'Smoke Screen' range. This was the first commercial ... more »

Large Scale External Exercises and Tunnel Testing

Making smoke in a very open environment or external environment can be a challenging! An oil-based smoke generator, such as a ViCount ... more »

PPV & Impulse Ventilation Testing

When water-based artificial smoke is introduced into a rapidly moving air stream, the particles that make up the artificial smoke ... more »

Cleanroom Solutions from Concept Smoke Systems

The correct functioning of HEPA filters is normally tested at the time of installation, as well as part of the routine maintenance ... more »

Oil Mist Generation

Concept’s OMG is used by many of the worlds leading specialists in Oil Mist Detection including Specs, Dr Horn , Honeywell, ... more »

Smoke Detector Testing

Concept smoke systems are used throughout the world for testing smoke detectors of all types. And by smoke detector manufacturers ... more »

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UK Fire Brigade

After using the Spirit 900 Smoke Generator and attending Concept's complimentary service and maintenance course:

"Concept offer a fantastic after sales service whether it be maintenance courses or queries - fully satisfied.  With my experience of dealing with Concept I find it difficult to see where improvements can be made as I feel 100% satisfied with the product, information and answers to any queries.

I feel that it gives a more realistic setting for difficult exercises, which improves the experience and motivation of students / crews.  The only other way would be to use obstruction masks that take the realism out of any training.

I would like to add, having worked with Concept over the last 18months I have found it educational and the staff are a credit to the company.  I would like to thank all the staff for the patience they have shown with dealing with my queries."