Maritime Shipboard Fire Training

  • Demonstrate to tremendous effect the critical need to crash stop ventilation systems to prevent and restrict smoke spread
  • Create dense and Variable smoke scenarios for the most realistic BA (Breathing Apparatus) training
  • Enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of your fire fighting teams, in their own working environment
  • Test the efficacy of your emergency control and communication procedures 
  • Help ship operators comply with SOLAS / STCW - Training in a smoke filled environment with BA

A fire at sea can be devastating.  Ensuring that crews are trained in safe but highly realistic conditions can help them tackle a real fire with greater speed, efficiency and confidence - minimising the damage to the ship, its cargo and of course risk to life.

Concept recommend the Colt 4 for shipboard training exercises.  The smoke generator is:

  • Safe, non toxic smoke
  • Non contaminating
  • No lingering smell
  • Smoke "On Demand"
  • "Off power" capability 
  • Compact & robust - just 7kg
  • Extremely persistent smoke
  • Low running costs
  • Class leading warranties
  • Sub micron particle size

The Colt is used world-wide for fire training applications on board ships.

After extensive testing and trails the Concept Colt 4 / Turbo was selected to equip the entire Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and RNZN fleets - it was concluded that the Colt 4 is an outstanding training aid for the ships safety officer. 

Another smoke generating device that Concept recommend for ship board fire training is the B1 high output battery powered smoke generator.  The B1 has the ability to make smoke continuously on maximum output for 10 minutes using the on-board battery or alternatively the B1 could be used with an appropriate larger external giving up to 2 hours of smoke production.  Running costs are extremely low, using just 10ml of smoke fluid per minute.  The B1 is 100% portable, has a heat up time of just 1 second, small, lightweight, practical, has adjustable output and is incredibly easy to use!

Want more information, advice or prices? email or phone: 

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Users say:

"I would like to recommend the Concept smoke machine to all shipboard trainers.  The smoke produced is very realistic.  I Use the machine during search and rescue exercises and fire drills.  A very valuable lesson when using smoke is that if the ventilation is not stopped and the fire flaps not closed immediately the smoke will rapidly spread to other compartments and decks.  The machine is very easy to use and is virtually maintenance free.  Concept provide an excellent after sales service"

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Maritime Fire Training
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BA Facility, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service

Observations on Concept ViCount smoke system:

"Reliability - we have three ViCount generators, two of which are at least ten years old.  These are extremely reliable as is the new one, we rarely have problems with them.

Smoke & running costs - very good quality of smoke at all times providing excellent conditions within the fire house as required.

Running costs - the amount of training provided from one drum of smoke oil is very good.  Due to the quality of smoke provided, the generators do not need to be on as long now as we have three.

Sales/support - always very good.  Whenever we have required assistance or advice, there has always been somebody available to help.  When we had a problem with a blocked filter, we simply made one phone call and this was dealt with quickly and efficiently."