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Concept Smoke Screen generators are incredibly powerful security fogging solutions that reduce theft, deter criminals, and protect property. In the event of a break-in, the system fills the room with safe, harmless smoke that debilitates and disorients the intruders and keeps your valuables secure. We pride ourselves on excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of our market-leading security smoke systems, so you know you can always rely on a Concept Smoke Screen to protect what’s important. 

About Concept Smoke Screen 

In 1993 Concept launched the highly successful 'Smoke Screen' range. This was the first commercial security smoke system to be designed and manufactured under ISO 9000 (Design and Manufacture of Security Smoke Systems).

Smoke Screen acts as a physical deterrent that confronts intruders with an impenetrable barrier of dense, white screening smoke. The smoke is created in seconds and consists of billions of microscopic particles that create the illusion of ‘smoke’. The smoke is non-toxic, non-conductive and most importantly non-contaminating.

Smoke Screen is in daily use providing protection for a wide range of commercial and industrial premises. Think of a well known high street name and the probability is that they are using security smoke to provide protection from intrusive thieves.

The system is also used by government agencies and strategic authorities to provide a defence against terrorist incursion.


Vehicle - Security Smoke Generators

CB1 (Vehicle Security Smoke)

Product Codes: CEL-CB1

The CB1 is a 12v security smoke system.  It utilises a coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger that, when energised, produces sufficient screening smoke to obscure the interior of small vans. 

The 400w heater heats and is ready to activate in under a second - meaning instant protection.  

Each unit comes complete with; CB1 Smoke machine, 250ml fluid reservoir (0.5mtr connection), 500ml of CB1 Smoke Fluid, external battery connector and a remote socket.

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M1-24v (Vehicle / CIT Security Smoke)

Product Codes: CEL-M124V

The 24v M1 uses a high mass, precision machined, steel heat exchanger block.  This high mass heat exchanger stores a large amount of energy and is therefore capable of creating much larger volumes of smoke, ideal for protecting larger vans, lorries and CIT vehicles.

Turbo variants are available for larger volumes of smoke.

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Stand-alone - Security Smoke Generator

Guardian ATM - Security Smoke Generator

Product Codes: CEL-GATM

The Guardian series is an innovative solution that addresses a very real problem. Developed in conjunction with G4S, this award-winning system was designed to provide portable and temporary protection for personnel and property.

The Guardian ATM has been in active service with G4S for a number of years and has reportedly thwarted a number of attempted robberies. Unlike our stationary systems, the Guardian ATM is designed for easy portability and is triggered by means of a simple personal attack button.


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Fixed Installations - Security Smoke Generators

Sentinel Range - S35 Security Smoke Generator

Product Codes: CEL-S35

The S35 is frequently used to provide protection in jewellers’ window displays and internal storerooms and display cabinets. With its revolutionary design and efficient construction, the S35 is one of the most affordable products in the Sentinel range. It sees the end of the misconception that security smoke is only suitable for high value applications. Built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Sentinel series but with different heater block technology and superb performance, the S35 is the ideal system to benefit small businesses and homes.

Product Specification. 

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Sentinel Range - S70 Security Smoke Generator

Product Codes: CEL-S70

In the S70, precision engineered heater blocks and state of the art cartridge heaters offer higher levels of performance and reliability. This translates to a greater volume of smoke that produces no residue and lasts longer. New PCB technology, ergonomic

connectors and a built-in bracket design make installation quick and easy. Other features such as the internal battery back-up and a larger fluid chamber make the S70 incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Specification. 

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Sentinel Range - S100/S150 Security Smoke Generator

Product Codes: CEL-S100, CEL-S150

Available with two nozzle configurations (the S100 single nozzle and the S150 twin nozzle), this system is capable of producing staggering volumes of dry, dense smoke. The unique design of the precision-machined heater block generates the most consistent size smoke particle of any smoke machine available on the market. These units have been tested by the Atomic Energy Authority and declared the ‘safest’ and ‘driest’ in security smoke generators. The unparalleled reliability and muscular performance of the S100/S150 make this machine extremely robust and versatile. It can be used in countless applications, including sensitive areas such as server rooms, data storage areas and laboratories. Due to the extreme reliability of these units we are able to offer a 7 year warranty on the S100 and S150.

Product Specification. 

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Security Smoke Accessories

Sound Barrier

Product Codes: CEL-CSS-SB

This ear-piercing audio alarm system is the perfect complement to our Smoke Screen generators. Upon activation an intolerable – but completely harmless – wall of sound debilitates the intruder and forces them to leave the premises. When combined with a Smoke Screen generator, the effect of the sound produced by this neat little unit is thoroughly unpleasant and disorienting, and as well as alerting local police, will ensure that the criminal is unable to continue with their activities.


Product Specification. 

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Xenon Strobe

Product Codes: CEL-CSS-XS

The intense strobe lighting effect produced by the stylish yet robust Xenon Strobe unit not only thoroughly disorients and dazzles any intruder, but magnifies the smoke effect produced by our Smoke Screen generators, making it even more potent at blocking the intruder’s vision. Imagine driving into thick fog and then turning your vehicle's full beam on and you will get the gist. Perfect for complementing smaller generators or for filling a larger space more effectively, the Xenon Strobe is the ultimate defence accessory.

Product Specification. 

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Titanium Pack - Control and Command

Product Codes: CEL-CSS-TM

The Titanium range represents a paradigm shift in the way Smoke Screen generators operate. The all new electronics pack in this range allow the Smoke Screen generator to assume the role of on-site detection and signalling while still offering incredibly powerful criminal stopping power.

In its command and control “Iris” mode, a Titanium Smoke Screen can accept inputs from a number of detection devices and signal these securely to a remote monitoring centre using widely supported machine-to-machine protocols.

An operator can have alerts of attacks pushed to him from anywhere in the world and then take appropriate remedial action immediately. The Titanium generators can integrate with their own bespoke suite of command and control software (SmokeNet), or alternatively integrate with your existing control room platform.

Finally, a Titanium generator can act as a traditional Smoke Screen generator and allow another device to take over the role of detection and signalling, while still offering full fault awareness and control over IP. This minimises the need to “rip and replace”.

Product Specification. 

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Bespoke Manufacturing 

If you have a unique / specialised  application please contact our technical team who will be happy to assist.  Concept Engineering Ltd manufacture a wide range of bespoke products for specific customer requirements. 

With over 50 years experience Concept can assist you from with specification, designing, prototyping and production.

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Xenon Strobe - Spec - Smoke Screen
Sound Barrier - Spec - Smoke Screen
S35 - Spec - Smoke Screen
S70 - Spec - Smoke Screen
S100 - Spec - Smoke Screen
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Titanium - Spec - Smoke Screen
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UK Fire Brigade

After using the Spirit 900 Smoke Generator and attending Concept's complimentary service and maintenance course:

"Concept offer a fantastic after sales service whether it be maintenance courses or queries - fully satisfied.  With my experience of dealing with Concept I find it difficult to see where improvements can be made as I feel 100% satisfied with the product, information and answers to any queries.

I feel that it gives a more realistic setting for difficult exercises, which improves the experience and motivation of students / crews.  The only other way would be to use obstruction masks that take the realism out of any training.

I would like to add, having worked with Concept over the last 18months I have found it educational and the staff are a credit to the company.  I would like to thank all the staff for the patience they have shown with dealing with my queries."