Concept ALTS (Aircraft Leak Testing System)

  • Manufactured By Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Rapidly locates leaks in aircraft fuselages, allowing "ranking" of leaks
  • Non contaminating, non toxic, safe smoke
  • Can utilise aircrafts own 115v 400 - 450hz power supply
  • Extremely persistent smoke created
  • NATO Codified
Specification: Concept ALTS  (Aircraft Leak Testing System)
Size (cm) Generator only / In Flight case 42 x 18 x 35  /  54 x 54 x 60
Weight (kg) - Generator only / In Flight case 13kg  /  49kg
Heat Exchanger (w) 1100w (1.1kw)
Power Supply 110VAC, 50 - 450Hz
Warm up time from cold (min) 4 mins
Duration at max output before refill (min) 40 mins
Smoke Output (m3 / min @ 1m visibility) 0 - 150
Smoke Reservoir Capacity (nominal ml) 1300 ml
Smoke Particle dia (micron, mass median dia) 0.2 with GSD circa 1.35
Optimum / max gas pressure (bar) 6.9 / 8.2
Remote Operation Included with every model

The Concept ALTS was developed by Concept for the Royal Air Force to enable the fast and accurate leak testing of its wide-bodied aircraft.

The ALTS produces a sub-micron, non-contaminating, artificial smoke (entrained in inert carrier gas) in the aircraft fuselage, utilising the aircraft’s own 115v 400-450 Hz supply. The unit will also operate on 50 Hz.

The unit uses the same chemical smoke type that has been used for over 30 years in the aircraft simulator environment.

Once the fuselage is filled with smoke to a dense concentration (typically a visibility through the smoke of 0.5m), a process that takes only a few minutes, the aircraft is pressurised.

An examination of the exterior of the aircraft rapidly reveals not only the areas of leakage, but allows the "ranking" of leaks (the bigger the leak, the greater the amount of smoke being visibly emitted). 

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The Concept ALTS is supplied with:

• ALTS smoke system 110v 50 - 450Hz
• CO2 cylinder 2kg
• CO2 regulator
• 5 litre Smoke Oil 135
• Low Voltage Remote Control System
• Flight Case

The RAF concluded in their assessment of the Concept ALTS:

"Use of smoke as a means by which to detect cabin pressurisation leaks has been shown to be extremely effective and is unquestionably superior to any alternative detection method used to date"

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Smoke Generator

Concept ALTS (Aircraft Leak Testing System)

Product Code: CEL-ALTS-KIT

As described above.  Each ALTS smoke systems comes as a complete ready to use kit, including; the smoke generator, 2kg CO2 cylinder, CO2 regulator / hose, 5ltr Smoke Oil 135, low voltage wired remote control and flight case.  

Every ALTS smoke system comes with a 5 year parts warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger block.  

The ALTS flight case is custom made and designed to carry all of the above equipment.  It is on heavy duty castor wheels.

Smoke Generator Modifications

Stainless Steel ALTS

Product Code: CEL-ALTS-MOD-SS

The same smoke generator as described above but in a stainless steel chassis optimum service life.

Timer Module (built in)

Product Code: CEL-ALTS-MOD-TM

The Timer Module allows users to set the "smoke on" & "smoke off" periods.  It is an ideal way to economically maintain smoke levels once the initial required smoke concentration has been met.  The timer is set via the smart digital controller.

Accessories / Consumables

CO2 Cylinders

Product Code: VC-CYL-2KG, VC-CYL-5KG

Spare light weight aluminium CO2 cylinders are available in either 2kg or 5kg bottles.

CO2 Regulator 

Product Code: VC-REG-CO2-1S2G

A single stage, double gauge CO2 regulator is used to control the pressure / output from the ALTS smoke system.  The regulator comes is a BS 341-3 No.8 stem, however a CGA 320 stem is available for US customers.

Heavy Duty CO2 Regulator

Product Code: VC-HD-REG-CO2-1S2G

For ultimate protection a heavy duty single stage, double gauge CO2 regulator is available.  This regulator comes with a gauge guard and a multi-stage crumple zone. 

Spare CO2 Gauge

Product Code: VC-GAUGE-B, VC-GAUGE-R

Spare CO2 gauges are available on request.  Both gauges (bottle pressure and regulator pressure) are available.

Spare CO2 Hose / Connections

Product Code: VC-HOSE-CONN2A

A spare CO2 Hose with appropiate quick connections are available.


Smoke Oil 135

Product Code: S/OIL-135-5, S/OIL-135-25, S/OIL-135-205, S/OIL-135-IBC

Smoke Oil 135 is available in 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr or 1000ltr containers.


Ducting Adapters 

Product Code: ADAP-25-LD, ADAP-25-HD, ADAP-50, ADAP-75

These ducting adapters are designed to be attached directly onto the front of all Concept smoke machines allowing smoke to pass through flexible hose.  They are available in 25mm, 50mm & 75mm. All ducting adapters are quick and easy to install.

Neoprene Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-NEO-25-2, HOSE-NEO-25-4

The neoprene hose is ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

Silicone Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-SILI-25-2, HOSE-SILI-25-4

The silicone hose is also ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

P2A 50mm & 75mm Flexible Hose 

Product Code: HOSE-P2A-50-10, HOSE-P2A-75-10

The P2A hose is available in 10mtr lengths (50mm or 75mm).  It is a double ply PVC coated polyester fabric with an encapsulated spring steel wire helix. It is very flexible and easily compressed.  Available en 10mtr lengths.   


Demonstration movies

Concept ALTS - RAF Hercules


Concept ALTS Brochure
Concept ALTS Price List
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Surrey Fire & Rescue

"Reliability - We have three ViCount generators, two of which are at least 10 years old.  These are extremely reliable as is the new one.

Smoke Quality - Very good quality of smoke at all times providing excellent conditions within the fire house as required.

Running Costs - The amount of training provided from each drum is very good.

Sales Support - Always very good.  Whenever we have required assistance or advice there has always been somebody available to help. 

Just to confirm we are extremely happy with the service and support you provide!"