Concept Drain Master

  • Manufactured By Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Safe, clean, simple and cost effective
  • Portable and easy-to-use, producing smoke on demand with simple push button operation
  • Greatly enhanced performance compared to existing methods
  • Dense, persistent, highly visible smoke, water based, non-toxic smoke 
  • Smoke can travel great distances through drains
General Specification DRAIN MASTER
Size (cm 36 x 14 x 20
Weight (kg) 5.5
Heat Exchanger Wattage (W) 1100
Power Supply 210-230v 50/60hz
Optional (no additional cost) 110v 50/60hz
Warm Up Time (mins) 5
Duration of Aerosols at maximum output (mins) 14-15
Smoke Output (m3/min @ 1.5m Visibility) 0-120
Hang Time Index HTI 4 - 6 / 1.25 - 1.5 hours
Particle Size (micron, mmd) 0.2 - 0.3

The Concept Drain Master is a variant of the best selling Colt 4, it has a reinforced adapter capable of supporting heavy duty ducting.

The Drain Master makes identifying leaks in drain work dramatically easier & cleaner.  Potentially identifying leaks in minutes, that without the aid of high quality artificial smoke would take hours. Producing a persistent water-based non-toxic smoke.  The smoke can travel through hundreds of metres of drains. 

The unit runs off of the standard Colt 4 water based Aerosols which re-seal after use, so they can be used time and time again until exhausted. 

Concept can also provide accessories such as drain bags, drain bags with 1" bore through tube, drain stoppers, pressure testing kits & smoke aerosol packs. 

The Drain Master allows you to operate off power (once pre-heated).  Like the Colt 4, you can produce a large volume of smoke using the retained energy within the precision engineered heat exchanger.  This allows the user to carry the smoke generator around, making smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead.  Once the unit has been pre-heated the Drain Master will generate high quality smoke for around 2 minutes (continuous max output).  When connected to the mains, the Drain Master will operate continuously at maximum output.

Hire The Concept Drain Master 

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Smoke Machine Accessories

Drain Master Smoke Generator            

Product Codes:

DM-BASIC-1.1 - Drain Master Basic 1.1kw Smoke Machine 

DM-TURBO-2.2 - Drain Master Turbo 2.2kw Smoke Machine 

As described above.  The Drain Master comes as a ready to use smoke generator, including operating instructions & maintenance kit.  Optional accessories such as wired & radio remote control are available.


Drain Master PELI Case

Product Code: FC-PELI-COLT

Custom made PELI case to ensure the Drain Master is always protected.  Each case will hold the smoke machine, power / remote leads, 2 x smoke aerosols and a ducting adapter.  Available in a variety of colours.

Drain Master Economy Carry Case

Product Code: FC-ECO-COLT

Custom made waterproof case to protect the Drain Master from the elements. Each case will hold the smoke machine, power / remote leads, 2 x smoke aerosols and a ducting adapter.

Drain Master Economy Flight Case

Product Code: FC-FCW-COLT

A small case to hold the Drain Master smoke machine, power lead, remote lead and 2 Smoke Aerosols.  

Concept Colt 4 Aerosols (persistent)

Product Code: C4-AEROSOLS

Box of 10 Colt 4 Aerosols. The resulting smoke from the Colt 4 smoke canister is very persistent. The canister is a one-piece aluminium vessel, eliminating any chances of rust occurring on the seam and prolonging the life of the aerosol.

Refillable Smoke Canisters

Product Code: CC-REFILL

Once this canister has been filled with Concept's Smoke Fluid A (see below), it can be pressurised via an in-built Schrader valve and pump / airline. If used with care a single canister will last 25+ operations. Refillable canisters can reduce overseas carriage costs due to not being pressurised. 

Concept Smoke Fluid A

Product Code: S/FLUID-A-5

Smoke Fluid A is designed to give the most persistent smoke effect possible.  It can be used in refillable smoke canisters (as above).  One 5Ltr bottle of Smoke Fluid A will last approx. 15 operations. 

High Pressure Shock Pump

Product Code: CC-SHOCK

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 200 actions to reach 100PSI.

High Pressure Stirrup Pump

Product Code: CC-STIRRUP

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 5 actions to reach 100PSI.

Heavy Duty Ducting Adapter

Product Code: ADAP-25-HD

The heavy duty ducting adapter is designed to carry the thicker & heavier 25mm hose used on the Drain Master.

Heavy Duty 25mm Hose & Brass Couplings

Product Code: HOSE-HD-25-2

A 2 metre length of heavy duty industrial hose and brass joining couplings.  For use with the heavy duty ducting adapter and drain bags.  Each 2 metre length comes with 2 x brass swivel nuts & 1 x spigot.    

Drain Bags with 1" Bore Through Tube

Product Code: DM-DGTT-4, DM-DGTT-6 DM-DGTT-9

Each bag has a 1" bore through tube, allowing smoke to pass through the seal and into the pipe. Drain bags come in a variety of sizes to suit different pipe diameters (4, 6 or 9 inch). The bags are canvas covered.  

Drain Bag Stoppers  

Product Code: DM-DGS-4, DM-DGS-6 DM-DGS-9

Drain bag stoppers are available in a variety of sizes to suit different pipe diameters (4, 6 or 9 inch) and are designed to inflate and seal the pipe. The bags are canvas covered.       

Drain Master Maintenance Kit

Product Code: CC-MAINKIT

All Drain Master smoke machines come with a small maintenance kit / spares kit.  The kit consists of a drill piece, 2 x copper sealing washers, O-ring, stainless steel sealing washer and piano wire.  (The drill piece can be purchased as a separate item CC-2MMDRILL) 

Drain Master Spare Parts

Product Code: On request

We offer all the spare parts required for the Drain Master smoke machine.  We can send spare parts directly to customers to fit themselves or we can service and repair all smoke machines in house.  Common spare parts include; flow control valve, transfer tube, thermostat, heater, heat exchanger assembly, push button valve, tubing etc. For any technical queries please email or phone +44 (0) 1628 825 555.   

For more information please contact:  

Email or Phone +44 (0) 1628 825 555

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Following the installation of a smoke system for a UK county fire brigade, Simulation’s technical director commented:

"I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to other potential users who are interested in considering smoke systems. Your assistance and advice was invaluable, and the end result has more than met expectations"