Concept Smoke Fluids

  • Water Based
  • Oil Based
  • Quickly Dispersing 
  • Extremely Persistent
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Safest Artificial Smoke

Concept offer a wide range of safe smoke fluid to suit each smoke machine available.  

The golden rule, that any quality artificial smoke manufacturer will tell you - only ever use the manufacturers recommended smoke fluid in your machine. The use of incorrect smoke fluid or "generic" fluid can lead / create potentially toxic,  flammable smoke, wet residue or damage to your smoke generator.  

All of Concept's smoke fluids / smoke produced have been examined by independent bodies such as:

  • National Occupational Hygiene Service
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • US Navy
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment 

All results of these test's are published in our Health and Safety pack. (Available on request)

Concept Smoke Oil 180 / 135

Smoke Oil 180 / 135 can be used in the Concept ViCount / Vulcan smoke generators.  It creates an extremely persistent smoke with a particle size of just 0.2 micron mmd.  The artificial smoke created from Smoke Oil 180 is resistant to temperatures that exceed 200 degrees Celsius, the smoke is also virtually unaffected in turbulant conditions.  The Smoke Oil is intrinsically biodegradable and in addition to its use as a safe smoke simulant, it is used as a component in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and plastics industries when there is demand for an extremely high standard of oil purity. Available in 5Ltr or 208Ltr Drum.

For more information or prices of Concept Smoke Oil 180 / 135 email us 

Concept Smoke Fluid A 

Concept's most popular water based smoke fluid is Fluid A.  This is the safest and most persistent water based smoke fluid available today.  Most water based smoke machines will operate effectively in temperatures up to 35 degrees celsius.  Due to the makeup of Smoke Fluid A, temperatures of up to 55 degrees celsius can be reached.  Fluid A is used in Concept's Spirit 900A & Colt 4 range.  Available in 5Ltr or 208Ltr Drum.

For more information or prices of Concept's Fluid A email us 

Concept Smoke Fluid B 

Smoke Fluid B gives a quickly dispersing smoke effect.  The Smoke Fluid  is used in Concept's Colt 3 and also a specially modified Spirit 900B.  It is a great fluid for when the resulting effect needs to be of a short duration.  Commonly used to simulate the effect of steam.  Available in 5Ltr or 208Ltr Drum.

For more information or prices of Concept's Fluid B email us   

Concept Smoke Fluid C 

Smoke Fluid C is the newest addition to Concept's Fluid Range.  The resulting effect is in-between   Fluid A and Fluid B, giving an effect that will last roughly 20-25 minutes.   it can be used in conjunction with the Spirit 900 when specially configured.  Available in 5Ltr or 208Ltr Drum.

For more information or prices of Concept's Fluid C email us    

B1/Airtrace Smoke Fluid 

Concept's B1 and Airtrace use different smoke fluids to our standard range, being of a significantly lower viscosity.  The B1 and Airtrace smoke fluid is available in 5Ltr or 0.5Ltr as the fluid consumption is very low. 

For more information or prices of Concept's B1 or Airtrace smoke fluid email us 


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Bayou Cane Fire Protection District

Bayou Cane Fire Protection District, uses the ViCount Smoke generator in our training facility. We find that it produces vast amounts of thick simulated smoke for our search and rescue training evolutions. We also use it in combination with our live burn evolutions. We would recommend this product to anyone looking for a smoke generator.