Concept Vulcan Smoke Generator

  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Concept's most powerful smoke generator with extremely persistent smoke (200°C)
  • Machined Heat block - guaranteed for life, easy fill 5 Ltr reservoir, PID control, digital temperature control
  • Dramatic increase in smoke effectiveness when compared to water based smoke systems
  • Continuous, high quality, non-toxic smoke output
  • PPV / Hot Fire Training, large scale BA applications & large volume smoke logging / tunnel testing (RTA Drills)
General Specification (approx) Vulcan 5000 Smoke Generator
Chassis Construction Zintec Steel - Powder Coated
Size (cm) 52 x 24 x 42
Weight (kg) 28kgs
Heat Exchanger (w) 2800w 
Power Supply 230v AC (+10% / -6%) 50-60Hz 
Optional Power Supply  110v AC (+10% / -6%) 50-60Hz
Warm Up Time from cold (min) 4 mins
Duration at max output before refill (min)  60 mins 
Fluid Reservoir Capacity (Ltr) 5 Ltr 
Max Smoke Output (m3/min @ Ext Coefficient 1k/m)  1215
Smoke Particle Size (micron, mass median dia) 0.2 - 0.3 
Adjustable Time on / off if assymetric timer specified 0.01" - 99'59" 

The Vulcan Smoke generator is Concept's most powerful oil based smoke generator.  An updated variant of the best selling ViCount smoke generator which is used throughout the world in major fire training centres, including the worlds largest Hot Fire Training Complex - the Royal Navy's fire training school (HMS Excellent & Raleigh).

The Vulcan incorporates a number of significant enhancements to the performance of the system, with advanced microprocessor technology giving precise control over operating temperature and smoke on / off periods.  Just like the ViCount Smoke generator, the Vulcan can operate continuously at maximum output.

A new and improved horizontal high capacity oil reservoir with an easy fill, wide mouth external port and integrated sight-glass which eliminates the possibility of overfilling.

The resulting smoke from the Vulcan is extremely persistent, depending on the grade of Smoke Oil selected, the smoke produced by the Vulcan can persist to 200°C (compared to typical water based smoke systems 40-50°C) before layering / evaporation commences, making the unit ideally suited to hot fire training applications.  It is also used during carbonaceous burns to top up smoke levels in different compartments.  The Vulcan smoke is also unaffected in fast moving air streams / turbulent conditions making it the perfect tool for PPV / Impulse Ventilation training.

Even if training or smoke logging in unheated conditions, the smoke produced by the Vulcan will out-perform all conventional water based alternatives, whilst dramatically reducing the consumption of Smoke Chemical. Typically, users of water based glycol smoke systems can experience reductions of 80-90% in smoke chemical consumption, for similar if not better smoke densities.

The unit produces a non-toxic, food-quality, artificial smoke entrained in an inert carrier gas stream (usually CO2 or Nitrogen).  Vulcan smoke, although intrinsically bio-degradable, does not evaporate like conventional water based systems.  


Concept's main priority with all smoke generators is the safety of the smoke - especially in Fire Training Applications where extremely dense concentrations are needed to create the most realistic scenarios possible.  Whilst out performing water based smoke systems, the smoke from the Vulcan is also the safest in its class, tested by the Health and Safety Executive, National Occupational Hygiene Service, US Navy and the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment).  When dense concentrations are needed for training purposes the Vulcan uses a fraction of smoke fluid compared to water based smoke systems to achieve a given effect - meaning that LEL's are much much lower! 

A comparison of Concept's Smoke Generator and a typical water based smoke system  at Hertfordshire's Hot Fire Training Centre. 

Heat Exchanger Technology 

At the heart of every Vulcan Smoke Machine is a precision machined heat exchanger chamber, where the smoke oil mist and inert gas is heated.

This precision, with machining down to H6 tolerances, produces a smoke effect with the smallest particle size in its class.  This means that in a Hot Fire compartment very dense concentrations can be achieved for just 3% LEL - one of the key reasons that Hot Fire Specialists throughout the world use the Concept System. 

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East Sussex County Council

"I was very impressed with the smoke generators provided by Concept Engineering and feel they could be confidently recommended at our group meetings to other tunnel operators who may be contemplating an emergency exercise.

The reaction of the tunnel environmental control system visibility sensors to the smoke was excellent, not only did the fans cut in but the volume of smoke was such that it immediately tripped a high level alarm which additionally sends a signal in the form of a general alarm to the Sussex Police Headquarters.  Had the smoke been generated by a real incident the alarm would have alerted the Police to the problem in the tunnel probably before a call was made from a tunnel emergency phone." 

After Operation Orpheus - Dartford Tunnel