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The Flow Check from Concept is the ideal instrument for monitoring small scale air currents / air movements and for testing the integrity of air-tight systems.  It creates a small cloud of safe smoke.  The resulting smoke comes out of the Flow Check smoothly and gently as to not to disturb any air movement. The Flow Check smoke machine is small, hand-held, battery powered & easy to use.

Technical Data Concept Flow Check
Size 30 x 20 x 70 cm (approx)
Weight 500 g (approx)
Battery (Ni-Cd) 7.2v ; 1.4Ah
Charging Current 700 mA
Smoke Time per Ampoule 3 minutes (approx)
Operating Time per Battery Charge 20 minutes (approx)

With the Flow Check, even the slightest air movements become visible.

The Flow Check produces a small wisp of smoke, making even the weakest of air currents visible. Commonly used to assist those in the manufacturing, HVAC, hospitals, laboratories & nuclear industries.

Flow Check is ideal for checking:

  • Ventilation or air conditioning systems
  • Chimneys
  • Smoke detectors
  • Detecting leaks in industrial equipment 
  • Fume cabinets / cupboards 

Each unit is supplied with: 

  • Flow Check smoke machine
  • Battery pack 
  • 2 x spare rollers tube 
  • 3 x smoke chemical ampoules 
  • Quality carry case (holds all the above and optional mains / car chargers)

The Flow Check air current tester produces clouds of smoke that are adapted to the specific weight of air. These harmless clouds of smoke float freely and are carried away by the slightest air currents.

The Flow Check creates smoke by drawing a specially formulated chemical, stored in ampoules, through a miniature peristaltic pump. The chemical is then heated above it's boiling point, vaporised, and then vapour condenses on reaching the colder atmospheric air to produce a highly visibly smoke with virtually no velocity.

The Flow Check can produce smoke on demand, from just a few seconds to continuous smoke production of around 3 minutes, on one ampoule.

Once charged, the Flow Check will hold sufficient charge to produce smoke for up to 20 minutes. (Recharge time 4 hours.)

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Smoke Machine & Accessories

Concept Flow Check Smoke Machine (Kit)       

Product Code: CEL-FC-KIT (64-00761)

As described above.  The Flow Check (kit) comes complete with the smoke machine, battery pack, charger (with LED status indicator), pack of 3 smoke ampoules, 2 spare pump rollers and a professional carry case.

Mains Charger       

Product Code: CEL-FC-MCHARGER (64-00800)

The mains charger allows you to discharge and charge the Flow Check battery.  The charger has an LED status indicator.  Total charging time is approx. 3-6 hours.  The charger comes complete with interchangeable adapters (UK, EU & US).

In Car Charger      

Product Code: CEL-FC-CARCHARGER (64-00803)

If you are on the move, the in car charger will allow you to quickly top up your battery via the 12v lighter socket.  This is used in conjunction with the mains charger.

Spare Battery Pack       

Product Code: CEL-FC-SBATTERY (64-00817)

Spare battery (fits into the Flow Check handle).  Each battery will last approx. 20 minutes (continuous smoke).

Pack of Ampoules (3 off)       

Product Code: CEL-FC-AMPOULES (64-00812)

Pack of 3 Flow Check Smoke Ampoules.  Each Ampoule lasts approx. 3 minutes (continuous smoke).  The Ampoules are a special formula, you cannot use other fluids in the Flow Check.

Spare Rollers / Hose Assembly        

Product Code: CEL-FC-ROLLER (64-00818) 

After approx 20 hours of operating it is recommended a visual inspection on the Roller / Hose Assembly is carried out. New units can easily be swapped out.

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Concept - Flow Check
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Building Envelope Technologies Ltd

"We have been using the ViCount unit now for some time as our main method of generating smoke for air leakage path identification as part of building airtightness tests.

The speed at which the unit builds smoke is very impressive and consistently in line with the guidance given by yourselves.

The nature and density of the smoke produced proves very effective when observed from outside the building giving sufficient time for and allowing easy observation of emerging smoke and leakage paths. The very persistent effect has allowed us to test buildings with volumes up to 40,000 m3 with just two units.

The very dry nature of smoke (i.e. small particle size) has meant that there have been no instances of contamination of the buildings following the test.

We have found the continuing technical support provided by Concept to be prompt and effective in answering queries and allowing us to get the most out of our equipment."