Specialist Smoke Testing

With almost 50 years of experience in the application of artificial smoke, we've come across numerous examples where the use of the correct type of smoke, applied in the right way, can help identify and overcome design issues, and test the interreaction of systems (such as smoke detection systems and smoke extraction / control) 


 Example 1
Hot Smoke Test in a 16 platform underground siding:
The requirement
Our brief was to produce a thermally buoyant smoke layer in order to test the efficiency of the high level smoke extraction system, activating the VESDA smoke detection system, but without activation of the sprinkler system:   We supplied smoke generating equipment, an operator and technical guidance as to how this could be achieved.  The testing took place over a period of five nights.

The solution:
A single ViCount high temperature smoke system with an auxiliary heat source, with monitoring thermocouples on the sprinkler heads closest to the smoke emission.

The result:
Numerous issues relating to the interreaction of the ventilation system and the smoke detection system could be identified and addressed.

Tunnel RTA drill and demonstration of the tunnel smoke control system

Example 2

Tunnel RTA drill and demonstration of the tunnel smoke control system

The requirement
To simulate the smoke from a fire on an articulated lorry within a major 5 lane tunnel on the M25, increasing in density and volume as the fire was deemed to have taken hold.   A series of staged accidents behind the RTA supplemented the fire itself, to create challenges for all of the emergency services.  At the conclusion of the RTA exercise, a demonstration of the Saccardo Nozzle ventilation systems was required.  The exercise involved hundreds of participants

The solution
With such a large tunnel cross sectional area to cater for, 4 x ViCount smoke systems were utilised.  For the RTA element the smoke from the machines was ducted 20m to the lorry.  The smoke level was ramped up as the exercise continued, and as the fire & rescue services (3 in total) co-ordinated their attack on the fire, others freed drivers and passengers”trapped” in various vehicles.
After the RTA exercise was concluded, a practical test of the ventilation system took place.
Concept supplied smoke generating equipment and operators for the duration of the exercise, together with technical support and advice during project planning

The result
A successful emergency exercise, highlighting a number of operational problems was conducted and the efficiency of the ventilation system in dealing with smoke from a tunnel fire was demonstrated to all, including the emergency services, the Highways Agency representatives and the tunnel operating company.

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