The Concept Artem Portable Smoke Generator

  • Completely portable - no electricity required
  • Very high, controllable smoke output
  • Convenient & easy Piezo ignition
  • Extremely persistent, non toxic smoke (Concept Smoke Oil 135)
  • Complete with quality metal carrying case & optional protective barrel guard
  • Ideal for external Fire Training, Public Order Training, Large scale external exercises
General Specification (approx)
Size (cm) 48 x 42 x 14
Weight (kg) 3
Power Supply (W) None required
Warm up time from cold (mins) 20 seconds
Duration of Smoke Canister at full output 6-8 minutes
Ratio of Smoke Canister / Gas Canister use 3/1

The Artem Gun is a unique, off power smoke generator ideal for creating large volumes of smoke for applications such as fire training, public order training, indeed any application where complete portability is a requirement.

Using conventional Taymar type gas cartridges as the heating source (available worldwide) and a Concept Artem Smoke Canister, the Artem Gun is incredibly straight forward to use. Simply screw in the canisters, pre-heat the stainless steel coil for a few seconds, and turn on the smoke. It's that easy.

With an output that puts pyrotechnic smoke bombs to shame, complete controllability, and low running costs, the Artem Gun is the ideal solution for external smoke.


Principle of Operation

Concept Smoke Oil stored in disposable, ozone friendly Concept Artem Smoke Canisters, is forced under pressure from an inert propellant into a heat exchanger, where it is vaporised using heat applied by a high efficiency burner. The burner draws gas from standard propane/butane cartridges such as the Taymar 3500. The vapour produced condenses on reaching normal atmosphere and a dense, non toxic white smoke is produced.

Artem Gun Safety 

The Concept Artem gun can come complete with a pre-fitted safety barrel guard, which prevents the user coming into direct contact with the hot barrel.  The barrel guard can also be supplied separately.

Please note that the propane gas aerosols cannot be sent anywhere outside UK mainland. They are readily available world wide.

We recommend the Artem Gun for outdoor use only. 

Hire The Concept Artem Gun 

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Smoke Machine Accessories

Concept Artem Gun (with barrel guard)

Product Codes: CEL-ARTEMGUN-BG

As described above.  The Concept Artem Guns comes as a complete kit, including; the Artem Gun, protective barrel guard, aluminium carry case and operating instructions.

Concept Artem Gun (without barrel guard)

Product Codes: CEL-ARTEMGUN

As described above. The Concept Artem Guns comes as a complete kit, including; the Artem Gun, aluminium carry case and operating instructions.

Artem Smoke Canisters

Product Codes: ARTEM-AERO-10

The Artem Smoke Canisters come in pack of 10.  The aerosols are made from a one-piece aluminium, fully recyclable canister. The contents (Concept Smoke Oil 135) are pressurised with an inert gas. 

Artem Gas Canisters

Product Codes: ARTEM-GAS-1, ARTEM-GAS-12

The Artem Gas Canisters can be purchased individually or in a pack of 12.  The Gas canisters are a Butane / Propane mixture. The gas canisters can only be supplied in the UK. 

Refillable Smoke Canisters

Product Codes: CC-REFILL-DIP

This canister can be filled with Concept Smoke Oil 135 (see below), it can be pressurised via an in-built Schrader valve and pump / airline. If used with care a single canister can last 20-25 operations.  The canister will be supplied with a siphon / dip tube.  Refillable smoke canisters can reduce overseas carriage costs due to not being pressurised.

Concept Smoke Oil 135

Product Codes: S/OIL135-5

Smoke Oil 135 can be used in the refillable smoke canisters for the Artem Gun.  One 5ltr container of Smoke Oil 135 will last approx. 15 operations.

High Pressure Shock Pump

Product Code: CC-SHOCK

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 200 actions to reach 100PSI.

High Pressure Stirrup Pump

Product Code: CC-STIRRUP

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 5 actions to reach 100PSI.

Spare Artem Heater Coil          

Product Code: ARTEM-COIL

Spare heater coil for the Artem Gun.  Quick and easy to fit. 

Spare Carry Case for Artem Gun          

Product Code: ARTEM-CASE

Spare brushed aluminium carry case for the Artem Gun.  Also has sections to hold up to four spare smoke / gas canisters.  

US / Canadian adaption kit 

Product Code: ARTEM-USADAP

This adaption kit will allow the Artem Gun to be used in conjunction with US aerosols.  Either pre-order your Artem Gun with the adaption kit installed or it can easily be retrofitted.

For a mains powered but fully portable smoke generator...  

Try the Concept Colt 4 Turbo!

Demonstration movies

Concept Artem Gun - Tutorial
Concept Artem Gun 1
Concept Artem Gun 2


Concept Artem Gun Brochure
Concept Artem Smoke Canister MSDS
Concept Artem Gas Canister MSDS
Concept Artem Gun Price List
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Confined Space Rescue Program Manager - North Tree Fire

ViCount use in Hot Fire Trainer

The machine has performed flawlessly up to this point and I purchased the machine from you at least six or seven years ago.

I have to confess I have never cleaned the orifice with the drill as you mentioned.

Actually, after the install, I have never worked on the machine again which, I am sure, is at least neglect on my part.

We originally had two smoke generators in the trainer, one fore and one aft.   The other machine (not Concepts) is quite a bit older
and it quit about two years ago but we found that the ViCount generated so much smoke we did not really need two machines.

The machine is protected from the heat of the trainer by a bulkhead with a port for the smoke to get through.

To give you an idea of the efficiency and quantity and the character of the smoke, the ceiling temperature inside the trainer as verified by two gauges reaches about 1300 degrees F. The smoke level inside the trainer is maintained quite adequately from the floor to about the
four and one half foot level but not much higher due to the temperature. We have found that it burns off at about 450 degrees F (230C).

Your smoke machine has trained hundreds of line Firefighters from all over the US including from major metropolitan Fire Departments such as Los Angeles County Fire, Pasadena Fire, San Jose Fire, Las Vegas Fire, Oakland Fire, Berkeley Fire, Sacramento Metro Fire, Cal Fire, and many federal agencies as well.

The training and experience those fire fighters receive in the intense heat and disorientingly smoky environment the ViCount helps create has without question saved lives and injuries as well as millions of dollars of property damage that may have occurred without the level of training
the ViCount helps provide.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best regards,

Mitch Ward CIHM
NorthTree Fire
Confined Space Rescue Program Manager