Fire Sim Box

This is a professional simulator, making every usable sound simulation possible. The FS-Box is also equipped with a light source with which various fire simulation effects can be created. The FS-Box master control station is the base that drives the system. The electronics are of a high quality and are hard-wearing. It is also fitted with a built-in battery, so that the unit can also function with no mains supply.

General Specification (approx)
Dimensions (cm) 33,5 x 25,5 x 22,5
Voltage 230 Volt (-20+10)
Also available in 110V
Power consumption per master/slav 2,5 W RMS

The FS Box is a high quality simulator, allowing you to create realistic fire and emergency incident scenes anywhere at any time.  The FS Box is equipped with LED lights to simulate a variety of realistic fire effects - especially when used in conjunction with one of Concept's smoke generators.  

The master control station can be extended with "slave units", which are connected to the master control station (a slave unit is driven by the master control station and cannot therefore function on its own.) A master control station has four pre-installed sound effects (a crackling fire, leaking gas, leaking liquids and a threatening collapse) and four additional sound effects can be recorded using the built-in microphone.

The FS Box master control station is the base that drives the systems.  Integrated electronics and built-in rechargeable batteries are housed in a high quality casing that can withstand the demands of intense fire training.  When multiple Slave units are connected you can strategically place them up stairs, down hallways, or throughout your training ground to create dynamic emergency incidents.  And of course each training scenario can be different from the last as the FS Box is completely portable.







When the FS-Box, used in conjunction with Concept's smoke generators it produces a very realistic effect. The FS-Box is built to a very high standard and offers an indispensable component to your assortment of fire training tools.

Product Codes

  • Master - CON 0160 
  • Slave - CON 0161
  • Connect cable 5 mtr - CON 0162
  • Connect cable 10 mtr - CON 0163

Our Users Say: 

"We use the FS Box along side the ViCount smoke generator in our smoke house, it creates an incredibly realistic effect!"


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Concept Fire Sim Box
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Building Envelope Technologies Ltd

"We have been using the ViCount unit now for some time as our main method of generating smoke for air leakage path identification as part of building airtightness tests.

The speed at which the unit builds smoke is very impressive and consistently in line with the guidance given by yourselves.

The nature and density of the smoke produced proves very effective when observed from outside the building giving sufficient time for and allowing easy observation of emerging smoke and leakage paths. The very persistent effect has allowed us to test buildings with volumes up to 40,000 m3 with just two units.

The very dry nature of smoke (i.e. small particle size) has meant that there have been no instances of contamination of the buildings following the test.

We have found the continuing technical support provided by Concept to be prompt and effective in answering queries and allowing us to get the most out of our equipment."