24 Oct 2012

New Products

Concept have introduced a few new accessories / products:

The Concept Vulcan (click here) - The newest and most powerful oil based smoke generator Concept have ever produced.


The New Air Trace (click here) - The Air Trace has been redesigned to be lighter, modern and more practical.  It is great hand held battery system, perfect for detecting local air flows.  The Air Trace S is also available - a stainless steel variant for clean rooms and controlled environments.


CO2 Heater (click here) - The CO2 heater allows users of our ViCount / Vulcan Smoke generators to use them on maximum output continuously.


CO2 Refill Kit (click here) - This refill kit allows users to fill their own CO2 bottles, which are used in conjunction with the ViCount / Vulcan Smoke generators. 


Concept Transit Cases (click here) - Want ultimate protection for your smoke machine?  Concept have a range of Transit / Peli cases to suit every machine.


IP66 Waterproof Enclosures (click here) - Concept have introduced a new range of IP66 rated steel enclosures for the ViCount and Spirit 900 smoke generators.  These give the units full protection from the elements meaning that machines can be mounted on an exterior wall and ducted into the desired area.  The enclosure also incorporates a VBL6 centrifugal fan. 


Full range of Smoke Fluids (click here) - A full list of all smoke fluids that Concept offer.  This includes both water based and oil based.  MSDS Safety pack is also available on request.


Waterproof Covers (click here) - A range of waterproof covers have been introduced for the ViCount / Spirit 900 and Vulcan smoke generators.  All coming with a transparent control panel cover, allowing you full access to the smoke machine.  The perfect accessory for live fire training scenarios where water may be used.




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