24 Oct 2012

Portsmouth Guildhall filled with smoke for fire training exercise

PART of Portsmouth’s Guildhall has been filled with smoke as part of a training exercise for the fire service.

Twenty firefighters, three fire engines, the special equipment unit and two small fire vehicles are currently at the scene in the city centre.

The second floor of the building is filled with smoke and six dummies are acting as casualties for the firefighters to rescue.

A section of the square has been closed for the exercise.

Bruce Gordon, Cosham fire station manager, said: ‘Every year each group has to run a certain amount of training exercises.

‘This is about training and testing the procedures and knowing the risks.

‘Today the Guildhall being the size it is, is one major risk. We have some dummies on the second floor - which is disused - and filled with smoke.

‘The firefighters know there are ‘persons reported’ and will have to make decisions as to what to do.’

Taking part in the exercise are crews from Southsea and Cosham Fire and Rescue Services.


A report from www.portsmouth.co.uk - Portsmouth Guidhall filled with smoke for exercise

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