31 Jul 2014

Why use the ViCount / Vulcan?

The ViCount & Vulcan Smoke Generators

Lowest Running Costs

The ViCount & Vulcan use approx. 75% less smoke fluid to achieve the same level of light absorption / obscuration levels as water-based smoke machines. The resulting smoke although intrinsically biodegradable does not evaporate, making it ideal for PPV training and meaning that you do not need to continuously run the machine maintain smoke levels. Often within the first year of operation the machines will have paid for themselves in the savings of smoke fluid.

Highest Quality / Cleanest / Safest Smoke

The ViCount & Vulcan create a smoke with the smallest particle size in their class, just 0.2mmd micron, 10 x smaller than most other systems. This may not sound a lot but a 0.2 micron particle settles at 8mm per hour whereas a 2 micron particle settles at 468mm per hour meaning the chance of deposition / contamination is dramatically reduced when you a Concept smoke generator. Smaller particles also require less fluid to achieve the same effect meaning it is much safer in terms of OEL’s.

Unbeatable Warranties / Aftersales Care

Both the ViCount & Vulcan come with an unbeatable warranty, 10 year parts warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger block. Concept also offer a free of charge preventative maintenance course—to teach you, trainers or technicians how to keep your machine in the best working condition, minimising downtime and eliminating service / repair costs!

Most Reliable

All of Concept’s smoke generators have the reputation of industrial standard and built to last but the ViCount & Vulcan take reliability to a new level. HMS Excellent & HMS Raleigh (the worlds largest hot fire training centre) combined have over 100 ViCount’s, these machine has accumulated over 1,000,000 hours of operation since 2001 and a still running strong. Operators at the time rated the reliability and serviceability of the ViCount at 95%. After every smoke operation the ViCount & Vulcan automatically purge the heat exchanger meaning the chance of this ever blocking is virtually eliminated!

Temperature Resistant Smoke

If you are training in a heated environment there is no other machine you should be using. The ViCount & Vulcan use a smoke fluid designed to create a smoke resistant to temperatures of up to 200°C (compared to most machines that will only persist to a maximum 40-50°C), allowing you to train in the most realistic environment possible. Here chemical earnings become even greater & training effects can be dramatically improved!

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