B1 hand-held Battery Smoke Machine

  • Instant, safe smoke on demand
  • Virtually no warm up time 
  • 12v DC operation - no mains power required (battery operated) 
  • Up to 10 minutes operation at maximum smoke output
  • Remote control, TIME-IT & DMX options available
  • Switch mode charger (can be charged on 110v / 230v)
General Specification (approx) B1
Power 12v DC / 60A
Heat Exchanger 400W
Smoke Output Up to 10 minutes at maximum output
Adjustable Smoke Output Yes
Chemical Consumption 10ml/ minute at maximum output
Size 22 x 10 x 21 cm
Weight 5.5kg
Battery Capacity 12v / 12Ah
Charging Time 13-14 hours
Warm up time from cold 0.5 seconds
Smoke Hang Time   Hang Time Index 1 / 15-20 minutes 

Concept's B1 is a robust and fully portable smoke system, operating from an on board 12vDC battery.  

Whilst not quite as tiny as the Air Trace smoke generator the B1 produces considerable amount of smoke for a battery powered smoke system. 

With a 400w heat exchanger, the B1 is capable of producing a good volume of safe, controllable smoke on demand in areas where no mains is available. The B1 also incorporates a microprocessor which controls the unit.

A suitable 110v/230v AC charger is included with every unit.

Spare battery packs, remote control leads and radio remote control systems are all available as optional extras. 


Like most smoke/fog generators the B1 creates smoke effect by vaporizing smoke fluid, in this case a composition of glycol and water. The B1 saves power and maximises usage by only heating when the fog is needed.

All B1 smoke generators have the ability to easily control the output of smoke produced (from a small wisp to a large plume). At maximum output, and with a fully charged battery, up to 10 minutes of thick smoke can be produced.

As the B1 has an XLR control socket, it can be used in conjunction with TIME IT, DMX, cable & radio remote.

Hire the B1 battery smoke machine 

Want more information, advice or prices? email us: info@conceptsmoke.com

Smoke Machine Accessories

B1 Smoke Machine            

Product Code: B1-SMOKEGEN 

As described above.  The B1 kit includes the smoke machine, battery pack / cradle, mains charger (please specify plug preference, UK standard) & fluid reservoir.

B1 Smoke Machine without battery            

Product Code: B1-TPO 

The B1 is also available without the battery pack & charger. This will allow users to operate the B1 from their own battery. If for example a larger, suitable car battery were used, the running time of the B1 can be increased to suit.  Users will need the external battery connection set listed below.  This options comes complete with the 250ml fluid reservoir and connecting fluid pipe.

B1 Waterproof Transit Case              

Product Code: FC-ECO-B1  

These custom made transport cases are specifically designed to protect the B1 smoke machine from the elements.  Each case has space for the B1 (complete with battery pack), 500ml of smoke fluid & the charger.  The case is waterproof, has a built-in pressure valve, corrosion proof & can be padlocked.


B1 Water-based Smoke Fluid             

Product Code: S/FLUID-B1-5L, S/FLUID-B1-2.5L, S/FLUID-B1-0.5L 

Additional Smoke Fluid is available for the B1 in 5Ltr, 2.5Ltr or 500ml containers.  The water-based smoke fluid is a mixture of glycol and water.  The 500ml container is designed to fit in the waterproof transit case. 


B1 DMX Module (DMX IT)            

Product Code: B1-DMX 

The B1 DMX Module will allow you to operate the B1 via a 512 channel DMX control source.  A clear digital display will indicate what channel the B1 is set for.  The DMX is connected via the 3 pin XLR socket on the rear face of the smoke machine.                  


B1 Timer Module (TIME IT              

Product Code: B1-TIMER 

The B1 Timer is a simple plug in module that will allow users to digitally control how long the B1 will make smoke for and also the interval (rest) period.  The Timer is connected via the 3 pin XLR socket on the rear face of the smoke machine.        


B1 Radio Remote Control            

Product Code: B1-RRC 

This radio remote control has a range of 100 mtr's (line of sight). It comes as a complete set including both the receiver and transmitter.  The remote is set for momentary smoke.  The Radio Remote Control is connected via the 3 pin XLR socket on the rear face of the smoke machine.                  


Spare Battery Pack & Cradle              

Product Code: B1-SBP  

A spare battery pack and cradle is available for use with the B1. This battery (and the standard battery that comes with the unit) will last the B1 approx. 10 minutes on continuous maximum output. The spare battery pack comes complete with the integrated battery connection lead. This does not come with an additional charger.

External Battery Connection Lead            

Product Code: B1-EBC1, B1-EBC2 

When using the B1 with your own external power source (e.g. car battery) you will need this connection lead.  Using a larger car battery will allow longer running times.  A 70Ah battery will provide enough power for approx. 2 hours of smoke.  The lead comes as a complete ready to use kit - all you will need is the battery.  B1-EBC1 = Complete system, ready to use / B1-EBC2 = simplified version (we recommend fusing appropriately).  Contact us for details.

B1 32mm Ducting Adapter              

Product Code: B1-ADAP32 

This 32mm adapter is custom made to suit the B1 Smoke Machine.  It can be used in conjunction with the 32mm Hose (see below) to precisely place the smoke where it is needed.  It is very easy to install on all B1 Smoke Machines.


B1 32mm Hose              

Product Code: B1-HOSE32 

The B1 can be used with a ducting adapter and hose for precise smoke placement.  The hose is available in silicone or neoprene and in either 4 metre or 2 metre lengths.  As with all ducting, we recommend keeping your ducting run as short and straight as possible. 


B1 Charger            

Product Code: B1-CHARGER 

A replacement battery charger is available for the standard B1 battery pack (Pb - Lead Acid).  The Charger will come with an LED indicator to show the status of the battery (Yellow - charging / Green - trickle charging). 


B1 Wired Remote Control (XLR)             

Product Code: B1-WRC-XLR                

A Cable Remote Control is available for the B1 Smoke Machine.  It connects via the XLR socket on the rear face of the machine. The remote module will allow you to control the volume of smoke and also has a latching on/off switch.  We recommend supplying your own length XLR cable to suit your application.


B1 Mains Adaption Kit             

Product Code: B1-MAK

If longer running periods are required or you run out of battery, the mains adaption kit can be a useful accessory. 

B1 Spare Parts            

Product Code: On request 

We offer all the spare parts required for the B1 Smoke Machine.  We can send them directly for customers to fit themselves or we can service and repair machines in house.  Common spare parts include; vaporiser PCB assembly, main PCB board, fluid reservoir, piston pump, tubing etc.  For any technical queries please email techsupport@conceptsmoke.com or phone +44 (0) 1628 825 555.

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Demonstration movies

B1 Smoke Machine
B1 Smoke Machine


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Graham Law - Head of Technical Services

"With our Spirit 900 having been in heavy use for two years we found ourselves requiring a rapid full service to fulfill a critical last minute schedule.

With less than 24 hours notice I was invited to the factory workshop where Kerry who was waiting for my arrival & had dropped everything to assist me, stripped down and serviced the unit whilst providing hands on training for myself.

Customer care like this is well above and beyond the normal and a very rare thing these days. 

Well done chaps from a happy customer."