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The Fire Training Range, designed and manufactured by Concept, has been developed to add realism to training scenarios or any type of fire safety training.  For complete portability, unbeatable reliability and quality smoke output, the Colt 4 Turbo is in a class of it's own.  For large scale applications the ViCount is the ultimate choice for fire training.  With almost 50 years experience in the generation of artificial smoke for fire brigades, Concept are in an unrivaled position to supply the equipment and advice best suited for your application! 

Concept's smoke machines, with their class leading particle size and persistency, are ideally suited to creating realistic dense smoke concentrations suitable for confined space training, emergency evacuation and breathing apparatus training.

For large, heavily-used fixed training facilities, the ViCount system is normally recommended, as its running costs are dramatically lower than most other systems thanks to the incredible hang time of ViCount smoke. The ViCount requires an inert gas supply to operate (e.g. CO2 or Nitrogen cylinders) and after every operation, this gas is used to clean the filters and the heat exchanger, which means ViCounts are virtually maintenance free.

For other BA chambers, Aircraft Fuselages or Ship Training applications the Colt 4 Turbo or Spirit 900A would be recommended. These are simple, reliable smoke generators producing the most persistent water based smoke currently available.


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Our Users Say: 

"During nearly 20 years working with the fire brigade and as a fire consultant I have never come across a better smoke machine than the Colt 4.

We use it for training of our BA crews, we use it for training large companies to evacuate their personnel and we use it for training shipcrews to act right in a smoke filled environment.

The machine is light, easy to handle and it creates a tremendously good, persistent and realistic smoke!

Hans Christiansson
Fire consultant and ex Fire Officer at the fire brigade of Stockholm, Sweden.

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East Sussex County Council

"I was very impressed with the smoke generators provided by Concept Engineering and feel they could be confidently recommended at our group meetings to other tunnel operators who may be contemplating an emergency exercise.

The reaction of the tunnel environmental control system visibility sensors to the smoke was excellent, not only did the fans cut in but the volume of smoke was such that it immediately tripped a high level alarm which additionally sends a signal in the form of a general alarm to the Sussex Police Headquarters.  Had the smoke been generated by a real incident the alarm would have alerted the Police to the problem in the tunnel probably before a call was made from a tunnel emergency phone." 

After Operation Orpheus - Dartford Tunnel