Concept VC Aero Generator

  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001 
  • Smooth low output of aerosol with a particle size of just 0.2 mmd micron - capable of covering all HEPA & ULPA filter tests
  • Produces an aerosol to EN-ISO 14644-3 Sect C.6.3
  • Automatic purging operation, maintenance free ,precision machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Digital PID Temperature control, Solid State Switching, Splash proof indicators and switches, stainless steel
General Specification (approx) Compact Aero 1300 Compact Aero 5000
Size (cm) 41 x 18 x 37 41 x 18 x 54
Weight (kg) 12 17
Power Supply 230v, 50hz 230v, 50hz
Optional 110v, 50/60hz 110v, 50/60hz
Warm up time from cold (mins) 4 4
Particle Size (micron, mass median diameter) 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3
Lo-output Variant (0.6kw)    
Heat Exchanger wattage (W) 600 600
Running time at maximum output (min) 110 428
Aerosol Output ( µg/sec ) 0-166,000 0-166,000
Standard Variant (1.1kw)    
Heat Exchanger wattage (W) 1100 1100
Running time at maximum output (min) 40 145
Aerosol Output ( µg/sec ) 0-466,000 0-466,000
Hi-output Variant (2.2kw)    
Heat Exchanger wattage (W) 2200 2200
Running time at maximum output (min) 22 85
Aerosol Output 2.2kw ( µg/sec ) 0-850,000 0-850,000

Concept Smoke Systems have been producing smoke machines for almost 50 years and have manufactured specific aerosol generators for cleanrooms for a majority of that time. We are the most experienced artificial smoke manufacturer in the world.

Concepts VC Aero 5000 & 1300 have been adapted for the use in cleanrooms and laboratories.  The VC Aero is a derivative of Concept's bestselling ViCount smoke system.  We have used the ViCount's ability to produce an aerosol with a continuous particle size of just 0.2mmd micron and adapted the units flow control to deliver a continuous low output of aerosol with virtually no pulsing effect.  It is the perfect tool for testing HEPA filters and ULPA filtration systems to EN-ISO 14644-3. Other uses of the VC Aero include airflow visualisation, recovery rate, particle size determination and leak testing. The aerosol generator is capable of using the recognised UK or FDA approved smoke oils (such as Emery 3004, Durasyn 164, Concept smoke oil135 - which is identical equivalent to Ondina EL, & also Ondina 919).  Concept's smoke oils are intrinsically biodegradable liquid paraffin's complying with British Pharmacopoeia for liquid mineral hydrocarbons and with the Statutory Instrument 1073 mineral hydrocarbons in food Act. Pass the UV absorption requirements of DABIII and USPXXX. The VC Aero is in service with numerous organisations in the pharmaceutical, clean room, laboratories and nuclear industries worldwide.

The VC Aero comes with a Digital Temperature PID controller pulses heat into the unit as main set point is being reached, minimising overshoot and undershoot.  The dual colour display shows actual and set temperature continuously. The unit is available in 3 heat exchanger sizes so, there is a version of the VC Aero generator to suit all needs, from the smallest fume cupborad to the biggest in line duct system.  Concept also offer a more compact version of the VC Aero with a reservoir size of just 1.3Ltr as opposed to the larger 5Ltr version dependent on the size and the kind of smoke tests that are being carried out.

Concept will provide certification of conformity, PAT testing and the aerosol generator will be calibrated to your individual needs. Also as standard Concept offer an unbeatable warranty on the entire Clean Room Solutions range:

  • 10 Years parts warranty (UK only)
  • Lifetime heat block warranty

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    Confined Space Rescue Program Manager - North Tree Fire

    ViCount use in Hot Fire Trainer

    The machine has performed flawlessly up to this point and I purchased the machine from you at least six or seven years ago.

    I have to confess I have never cleaned the orifice with the drill as you mentioned.

    Actually, after the install, I have never worked on the machine again which, I am sure, is at least neglect on my part.

    We originally had two smoke generators in the trainer, one fore and one aft.   The other machine (not Concepts) is quite a bit older
    and it quit about two years ago but we found that the ViCount generated so much smoke we did not really need two machines.

    The machine is protected from the heat of the trainer by a bulkhead with a port for the smoke to get through.

    To give you an idea of the efficiency and quantity and the character of the smoke, the ceiling temperature inside the trainer as verified by two gauges reaches about 1300 degrees F. The smoke level inside the trainer is maintained quite adequately from the floor to about the
    four and one half foot level but not much higher due to the temperature. We have found that it burns off at about 450 degrees F (230C).

    Your smoke machine has trained hundreds of line Firefighters from all over the US including from major metropolitan Fire Departments such as Los Angeles County Fire, Pasadena Fire, San Jose Fire, Las Vegas Fire, Oakland Fire, Berkeley Fire, Sacramento Metro Fire, Cal Fire, and many federal agencies as well.

    The training and experience those fire fighters receive in the intense heat and disorientingly smoky environment the ViCount helps create has without question saved lives and injuries as well as millions of dollars of property damage that may have occurred without the level of training
    the ViCount helps provide.

    Thank you for your help and support.

    Best regards,

    Mitch Ward CIHM
    NorthTree Fire
    Confined Space Rescue Program Manager