The Concept Mini Colt 4 Portable Smoke Generator

  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Non toxic, persistent, water based - controllable smoke
  • Off Power capable or continuous maximum output if connected to mains power
  • Fully rechargable in just 5 minutes
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Light weight, hand-held smoke generator
  • Particle size of just 0.2-0.3 micron mmd- the smallest in its class
General Specification (approx)
Size (cm) 33 x 15 x 19
Weight (kg) 5
Heat Exchanger (w) 1100
Power Supply 230vAC, 50-450Hz (Basic), 50-60Hz Hybrid
Optional 110vAV, 50-450Hz (Basic), 50-60Hz Hybrid
Warm up time from cold (min) 5
Duration of aerosol at max output (min) 14
Smoke Output (m3/min @ 1.5m vis) 0-125 fully adjustable
Smoke Particle Diameter (micron, mmd) 0.2
Operation "Off Power" Basic
Hang time index HTI 4 -6 / 1.25 - 1.5 hours 

The Mini Colt 4 is a more compact version of our best selling Colt 4 model which is recognised world wide for fire training, air flow visualisation, small - medium scale leak tests etc.  It incorporates a handle with an integral push button switch for smoke generation.  Like the Colt, it has the ability to produce a considerable quantity of smoke off power once preheated, using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger.

The Mini Colt 4 is suitable for fire authorities, shipboard training, analytical laboratories, HVAC contractors because of its simple use and reliability.

The Mini Colt 4 uses standard Colt 4 aerosols to produce a safe, dense, controllable and persistent smoke on demand.

The use of the canisters reduces the number of moving parts within the machine to just one, resulting in exceptional serviceability and reliability.

Hire the Mini Colt 4 

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Refillable aerosol cans are also available if required which can simply be pressurised by a hand pump, airline or inert gas supply. 

It can be used in conjunction with 25mm, 50mm or 75mm id flexible hose using the appropriate optional ducting adaptors. 

Available as 110v / 230v smoke generator.

The Mini Colt 4 is also available in stainless steel for clean room applications - Mini Colt 4S 


Smoke Machine Accessories

Mini Colt 4 Smoke Machine            

Product Codes: MC4-BASIC-1.1 - Mini Colt 4 Basic 1.1kw Smoke Machine (persistent smoke)

As described above.  The Mini Colt's come as a ready to use smoke generator, including operating instructions & maintenance kit.

Mini Colt 4 (Customised Colour Scheme)

Product Code: MC4-CUSTOM

The Mini Colt 4 is available in different colour schemes / with company specific logo and details. Ideal for companies looking to distribute equipment or equip a fleet.  ***MOQ apply***   

Mini Colt 4 PELI Case

Product Code: FC-PELI-COLT

Custom made PELI case to ensure the Mini Colt 4 is always protected.  Each case will hold the smoke machine, power / remote leads, 2 x smoke aerosols, a 2mtr x 25mm hose and a ducting adapter.  Available in a variety of colours.

Concept Colt 4 Aerosols (persistent)

Product Code: C4-AEROSOLS

Box of 10 Colt 4 Aerosols. The resulting smoke from the Colt 4 smoke canister is very persistent. The canister is a one-piece aluminium vessel, eliminating any chances of rust occurring on the seam and prolonging the life of the aerosol.

Refillable Smoke Canisters

Product Code: CC-REFILL

Once this canister has been filled with Concept's Smoke Fluid A (see below), it can be pressurised via an in-built Schrader valve and pump / airline. If used with care a single canister will last 25+ operations. Refillable canisters can reduce overseas carriage costs due to not being pressurised. 

Concept Smoke Fluid A

Product Code: S/FLUID-A-5

Smoke Fluid A is designed to give the most persistent smoke effect possible.  It can be used in refillable smoke canisters (as above).  One 5Ltr bottle of Smoke Fluid A will last approx. 15 operations. 

High Pressure Shock Pump

Product Code: CC-SHOCK

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 200 actions to reach 100PSI.

High Pressure Stirrup Pump

Product Code: CC-STIRRUP

For use with the refillable smoke aerosols. Designed to be small, portable and robust. To pressurise a refillable aerosol the pump requires approx. 5 actions to reach 100PSI.

Ducting Adapters 

Product Code: ADAP-25-LD, ADAP-25-HD, ADAP-50, ADAP-75

These ducting adapters are designed to be attached directly onto the front of all Concept smoke machines allowing smoke to pass through flexible hose.  They are available in 25mm, 50mm & 75mm. All ducting adapters are quick and easy to install.

Neoprene Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-NEO-25-2, HOSE-NEO-25-4

The neoprene hose is ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

Silicone Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-SILI-25-2, HOSE-SILI-25-4

The silicone hose is also ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

P2A 50mm & 75mm Flexible Hose 

Product Code: HOSE-P2A-50-10, HOSE-P2A-75-10

The P2A hose is available in 10mtr lengths (50mm or 75mm).  It is a double ply PVC coated polyester fabric with an encapsulated spring steel wire helix. It is very flexible and easily compressed.  Available en 10mtr lengths.   


Mini Colt 4 Maintenance Kit

Product Code: CC-MAINKIT

All Mini Colt 4 smoke machines come with a small maintenance kit / spares kit.  The kit consists of a drill piece, 2 x copper sealing washers, O-ring, stainless steel sealing washer and piano wire.  (The drill piece can be purchased as a separate item CC-2MMDRILL) 

Mini Colt 4 Spare Parts

Product Code: On request

We offer all the spare parts required for the Mini Colt 4 smoke machine.  We can send spare parts directly to customers to fit themselves or we can service and repair all smoke machines in house.  Common spare parts include; flow control valve, transfer tube, thermostat, heater, heat exchanger assembly, push button valve, tubing etc.  For any technical queries please email or phone +44 (0) 1628 825 555.     

Need continuous smoke output?  

Try the Concept Spirit 900!

Demonstration movies

Mini Colt 4


Mini Colt 4 Brochure
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Confined Space Rescue Program Manager - North Tree Fire

ViCount use in Hot Fire Trainer

The machine has performed flawlessly up to this point and I purchased the machine from you at least six or seven years ago.

I have to confess I have never cleaned the orifice with the drill as you mentioned.

Actually, after the install, I have never worked on the machine again which, I am sure, is at least neglect on my part.

We originally had two smoke generators in the trainer, one fore and one aft.   The other machine (not Concepts) is quite a bit older
and it quit about two years ago but we found that the ViCount generated so much smoke we did not really need two machines.

The machine is protected from the heat of the trainer by a bulkhead with a port for the smoke to get through.

To give you an idea of the efficiency and quantity and the character of the smoke, the ceiling temperature inside the trainer as verified by two gauges reaches about 1300 degrees F. The smoke level inside the trainer is maintained quite adequately from the floor to about the
four and one half foot level but not much higher due to the temperature. We have found that it burns off at about 450 degrees F (230C).

Your smoke machine has trained hundreds of line Firefighters from all over the US including from major metropolitan Fire Departments such as Los Angeles County Fire, Pasadena Fire, San Jose Fire, Las Vegas Fire, Oakland Fire, Berkeley Fire, Sacramento Metro Fire, Cal Fire, and many federal agencies as well.

The training and experience those fire fighters receive in the intense heat and disorientingly smoky environment the ViCount helps create has without question saved lives and injuries as well as millions of dollars of property damage that may have occurred without the level of training
the ViCount helps provide.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best regards,

Mitch Ward CIHM
NorthTree Fire
Confined Space Rescue Program Manager