The Spirit 900 Smoke Generator

  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Continuously rated with a precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Can produce persistent (Fluid A) or quickly dispersing smoke (Fluid B) as required
  • Integral 2 litre reservoir, with sightglass or optional external reservoir
  • Digital microprocessor controller, splashproof switches, solid state switching & continuously rated pump
  • Continuous smoke output makes the Spirit ideal for BA training, PPV work, fire training, leak testing etc  
General Specification (approx)
Size (cm) 52 x 23 x 29
Weight (kg) 13.5
Heat Exchanger Wattage (W) 2200
Power Supply 230v, 50hz
Optional 110v, 50/60hz
Warm up time from cold (mins) 5
Duration of aerosol at maximum output (mins) 40
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.5m visibility) 0-420
Hang time index

HTI 0.17 (Fluid B) / 2-4 minutes

HTI 4 - 6 (Fluid A) / 1.25-1.5 hours

Particle Size (micron, mass median diameter) 0.2-0.3

The Spirit 900 is well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required, since it utilises a continuously rated pump.

Like the Concept Colt 4, it generates the most persistent water based smoke of any smoke machine available.  Typical water based smoke systems are resistant to temperatures of 35-45°C where as the Spirit 900 using fluid A is still effective when temperatures reach 55°C.

Using a protected solid state relay for heater switching at zero volts, an IP65 rated digital microprocessor temperature control displaying actual and set temperatures, and splashproof switches and indicators the Spirit 900 does not compromise in the quality of the components used within the system. The temperature of the heat exchanger is PID controlled so that the heat is pulsed as main set point is reached, minimising overshoot and undershoot.

The pump draws Smoke Fluid A (persistent) or Smoke Fluid B (quickly dispersing) from its integral 2 litre reservoir (or an external reservoir if specified), forcing it into Concept's unique precision machined heat exchanger, where it is vaporised.  The fluid consumption is extremely low - just 50ml per minute on maximum output - meaning exceptional running costs! 

On exiting the heat exchanger, the vapour condenses to form dense, white, non toxic smoke, with an incredibly consistent, and small particle size of 0.2-0.3 micron mmd. 


All Spirit 900s are supplied with a 5 metre remote control.  The unit can come with an optional wireless remote control with 150m range (line of sight).

The Spirit 900 was voted overall winner in Fire Professional magazine’s Back to Back smoke generator test, against 4 other leading brands. They concluded that:

"So the Concept Engineering Spirit 900 wins, overall, across the testing criteria, it scored heavily and consistently. It's beautifully made, works well and from what we have seen here makes extremely efficient use of the fluid - a consumable that those of you who are acutely budget conscious will want to keep your eye on." 

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Smoke Machine Models 

Spirit 900 (Internal Fluid Reservoir)          

Product Code: S900-INT

The Spirit 900 2.2kw smoke machine is available in both 230v & 110v.  As standard the machine comes with an internal 2ltr fluid reservoir, 5mtr wired remote control, adjustable smoke output, 2.5ltr of smoke fluid & maintenance kit. ***also available in 110v 1.7kw for the United States***  

Spirit 900 (External Fluid Reservoir)           

Product Code: S900-EXT

As described above but with a 25ltr external fluid reservoir to allow prolonged running periods and less frequent intervals between refilling.  The external fluid reservoir is connected via a 5mtr detachable cable and has a fluid level monitor that stops the machine from making smoke when the fluid is low.

IP S900 (External Fluid Reservoir)

Product Code: IP-S900-EXT

The IP S900 offers the same high output performance as the Spirit 900 but it comes encased in a lockable IP rated enclosure, protecting it from the elements. The IP S900 also runs from an external 25ltr fluid reservoir.  The unit is wall / ceiling mountable.

Machine Modifications 

Radio Remote Control

Product Code: S9-RRC

An inbuilt radio remote control can allow users to operate the machine from a distance of up to 150mtr's (line of sight). Comes complete with transmitter & receiver. The radio remote is certified for use in Europe & the US.     

Multifluid Controller

Product Code: S9-MFC

The Multifluid Controller allows users to change the operating temperature of the Spirit 900 and configure it to accept Concept's different smoke fluids (A, B or C).

Timer Module

Product Code: S9-TIMER

The Timer Remote Module allows users to set the "smoke on" & "smoke off" periods.  It is an ideal way to economically maintain smoke levels once the initial required smoke concentration has been met.  The timer is set via the smart digital controller and can be controlled via a 5mtr wired remote control.  As well as accommodating  the timer function the wired remote control can make smoke continuously via a latching switch or burst smoke via a momentary switch.

PLC Compatible  

Product Code: S9-PLC

The Spirit 900 can be configured to run from a PLC interface.   

Automatic Self Purge

Product Code: S9-ASP

The Automatic Self Purge function blows a compressed gas through the precision engineered heat exchanger block after every smoke activation.  Doing this cleans the heat exchanger and prolongs the service intervals.

DMX Control Interface

Product Code: S9-DMX

The Spirit 900 can be controlled via a standard 512 DMX controller.

IP Rated Enclosure (with centrifugal blower)

Product Code: On Request

For fixed installations where there is no plant room available the Spirit 900 and smoke tested centrifugal blower can be installed into a lockable IP rated enclosure. The smoke from the Spirit 900 is blown into the centrifugal fan and distributed where needed. 

Black Chassis

Product Code: S9-BLACK

The standard Spirit 900 smoke machine is available with a black chassis.

Machine Consumables / Accessories 

Concept Smoke Fluid A

Product Code: S/FLUID-A-5, S/FLUID-A-25, S/FLUID-A-205, S/FLUID-A-IBC

Smoke Fluid A is Concept's most popular water-based smoke chemical.  It creates the most persistent water-based effect possible making it ideal for applications where a high output of smoke is needed.  The fluid is available in 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr & 1000ltr containers.

Concept Smoke Fluid B

Product Code: S/FLUID-B-5, S/FLUID-B-25, S/FLUID-B-205, S/FLUID-B-IBC

Smoke Fluid B is designed to produce a quickly dispersing smoke.  It is perfect when the resulting effect needs to be of a short duration (like steam).The fluid is available in 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr & 1000ltr containers.

Concept Smoke Fluid C

Product Code: S/FLUID-C-5, S/FLUID-C-25, S/FLUID-C-205, S/FLUID-C-IBC

Smoke Fluid C was developed to create a smoke with medium persistency. The fluid is available in 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr & 1000ltr containers.

Flightcase for Spirit 900

Product Code: FC-FCW-S900

Custom made protective flightcase for the Spirit 900 smoke machine.

Smart Control Module

Product Code: On Request

The Smart Control Module works in conjunction with the PLC interface.

Waterproof Cover for Spirit 900

Product Code: S9-WPC

A waterproof cover is available for the Spirit 900.  This cover sits over the top of the smoke machine & has a transparent window allowing users to monitor and control the machine. Ducting adapters can still be used.

Concept Smoke Tested Centrifugal Fan  

Product Code: CEL-VBL6-BLOWER

An impressive, smoke sealed, continuously rated centrifugal fan for effective distribution of smoke.  The fan spreads the smoke rapidly and evenly through ductwork.

Ducting Adapters 

Product Code: ADAP-25-LD, ADAP-25-HD, ADAP-50, ADAP-75

These ducting adapters are designed to be attached directly onto the front of all Concept smoke machines allowing smoke to pass through flexible hose.  They are available in 25mm, 50mm & 75mm. All ducting adapters are quick and easy to install.

Neoprene Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-NEO-25-2, HOSE-NEO-25-4

The neoprene hose is ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

Silicone Hose 25mm

Product Code: HOSE-SILI-25-2, HOSE-SILI-25-4

The silicone hose is also ideally suited for use with Concept Smoke generators.  It offers a high temperature resistance, has low air frictional loss properties due to additional inner layer, is light, kink and spark proof.  Available in 2mtr or 4mtr lengths.

P2A 50mm & 75mm Flexible Hose 

Product Code: HOSE-P2A-50-10, HOSE-P2A-75-10

The P2A hose is available in 10mtr lengths (50mm or 75mm).  It is a double ply PVC coated polyester fabric with an encapsulated spring steel wire helix. It is very flexible and easily compressed.  Available en 10mtr lengths.   


Spirit 900 Maintenance Kit

Product Code: S9-MAINKIT

All Spirit 900 smoke machines come with a small maintenance kit / spares kit.  The kit consists of a drill piece, 2 x copper sealing washers, O-ring, stainless steel sealing washer and piano wire.  (The drill piece can be purchased as a separate item CC-2MMDRILL) 

Spirit 900 Spare Parts

Product Code: On request

We offer all the spare parts required for the Spirit 900 smoke machines.  We can send spare parts directly to customers to fit themselves or we can service and repair all smoke machines in house.  Common spare parts include; flow control valve, transfer tube, thermostat, heater, heat exchanger assembly, push button valve, tubing etc.  For any technical queries please email or phone +44 (0) 1628 825 555.     

Need continuous smoke output?  

Try the Concept Spirit 900!

Demonstration movies

Spirit 900 A Internal
Spirit 900 A Ducted
Spirit 900 B - Steam Effect
Spirit 900 A Fire


Spirit 900 A/B/C MSDS
Spirit 900 Brochure
Spirit 900 Price List
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Flagship Training, UK

We have used the machines "in anger" aboard ex Sir Galahad with the Brazillian Navy.  We have been more than impressed with the performance in both small and large spaces onboard.  As one of my team has just told me "They are really great - they do exactly what it says on the tin!".